The Mezőcsát Sand and Gravel Mine was opened in 1967. It was the local agricultural co-op that began production to supply sand and gravel to the surrounding villages and cities. Thanks to the railway line, the products were later transported as far as 150-200 kms. The decades of operation have resulted in three lakes. The whole area of the mine today is 96 hectares.

The shareholders of Mekav Kft (Ltd) bought the mine in 2000 and have modernised it through a large-scale investment. The previously used way of production from ashore has been amended with a river dredge. Besides the large capacity river dredge, equipped with a pre-sorter we have also installed a modern wet sorter, with the help of which the company is now able to supply its customers not only with natural gravel and one fraction sorted gravel, but also with standard sorted products.